• Manatt Financial Services

    The financial industry has forever changed. The ever-changing landscape demands accurate advice from the leading lawyers in the field—lawyers who keep abreast of industry developments and work with you as business partners to drive your path to success. Manatt’s industry-focused team ...

  • Manatt Health

    America's healthcare system is undergoing massive change. Transformational policies, innovative approaches to delivering and paying for care and disruptive technologies—each is changing significantly and impacting the others.

  • Manatt Health COVID-19 Response: How We Can Help

    The coronavirus outbreak has generated a frenzy of activity related to telehealth as a method of triaging and treating those who are infected, as well as an alternative source of treatment for high-risk patients.

  • Manatt Housing Solutions

    Working with governments and private capital to provide housing solutions for California families, Manatt Housing Solutions LLC is ideally positioned to serve as an end-to-end provider to identify and create needed workforce housing in California

  • Manatt Leasing

    Many tenants face unprecedented challenges in meeting their lease obligations in light of the current economic dislocation, precipitated by the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • Manatt Real Estate

    Our lawyers have more average years of experience than most major real estate law firms. You get to work with people who really know what they're doing and have seen a lot of different kinds of transactions, bringing a large arsenal of creative solutions to your deal.

  • Manatt Real Estate Advisors

    We are a multidisciplinary team of professionals who provide our clients with deep industry knowledge and leading-edge brokerage services and legal advice to help them navigate the complex and evolving real estate market.

  • Manatt Retail and Consumer Products

    The shape of consumerism is changing. Constantly. While online and mobile shopping creates more discriminating consumers, it provides retailers, distributors, manufacturers and other consumer products companies with more sophisticated data and customer insight. The challenge is keeping up with the ...

  • Manatt Votes

    Manatt’s commitment to civic engagement is long-standing and renowned. Reflecting that historic commitment, we believe that all Americans, regardless of political views or affiliations, should be supported in exercising their right to vote.

  • Manatt's Recovery Team

    Manatt’s recovery team is composed of professionals across the firm’s leading countercyclical practices, including bankruptcy, restructuring, distressed assets, intellectual property (IP), real estate and emerging companies. 



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