• Financial Services Transactions

    Disruptive change continues to remake the financial industry, feeding an appetite for creative transactions involving both traditional banking entities and emerging fintech companies. The convergence of these two sectors has created a lively market for companies seeking partners who can help fill ...

  • Fintech

    In just a few years the fintech industry has become a multibillion-dollar global alternative lending sector. Loans that are originated are either sold to individual investors or sold as whole loans to institutions—essentially a form of debt crowdfunding.

  • Global Payments

    The global payments space is exploding. New technologies are taking hold. Online and mobile payment applications are proliferating. Cryptocurrencies are stepping into the limelight. And as nonbanking players assume a prominent, or even dominant, role, the global financial system is having to adjust ...

  • Government and Regulatory

    As regulatory frameworks evolve and the costs of noncompliance with laws and regulations increase, we help our clients adapt to the growing challenges.

  • Government Litigation and Administrative Law

    Litigation against the government is very different from litigation between private parties. Because of the power that regulatory agencies have over business and industry, the stakes in government litigation often reach far beyond the specific issues in a dispute. If a government agency has ...

  • Healthcare Litigation

    American healthcare is transforming. While battles over healthcare reform continue to be waged in the legislative arena, a host of issues are being decided in the courtroom.

  • Healthcare Transactions

    The well-chronicled consolidation of the healthcare sector has fueled a robust market for corporate transactions and commercial arrangements of every stripe. The ongoing demand for business combinations that can deliver on both quality of care and long-term cost reduction has led to a proliferation ...

  • Infrastructure

    Large-scale infrastructure projects are by definition complex undertakings, with legal, commercial, technical and governmental issues at every turn.

  • Intellectual Property Protection and Enforcement

    At a time when intellectual property often constitutes the very heart and soul of an enterprise, the need to protect and optimize the value of IP assets has understandably intensified.

  • Investigations and White Collar Defense

    Today, corporations and their executives are the focus of increased scrutiny by federal and state prosecutors. Conduct that in the past would have resulted in regulatory sanctions or civil settlements is now being criminally investigated. The DOJ and many state and local prosecutors expect ...