• Distressed Assets

    With a deep bench of professionals whose experience spans multiple prior downturns, Manatt welcomes the opportunity to demonstrate how our experience can be of use in today’s unsettled environment.

  • Employment and Labor

    Technology, new regulations and globalization are fundamentally changing the workplace—and presenting companies with more challenging decisions than ever regarding their workforce.

  • Entertainment Litigation

    As the entertainment and media industries continue to undergo fundamental changes, legal disputes have taken on new complexity. The traditional sources of industry litigation—intellectual property and contractual disputes—have been rapidly transformed by a proliferation of new players, ...

  • Environment

    The scope and complexity of environmental law and regulation are rapidly expanding in response to advances in environmental science and technology, and to the broader, growing consensus among the public, business leaders and investors demanding environmentally sustainable business practices and ...

  • Environmental Litigation

    Companies have never been more vulnerable to environmental and toxic tort litigation. Thanks to the Internet, even the most localized cleanup effort can become global news within minutes. The ability of potential victims to network has given rise to even more class actions. Companies are facing ...

  • Estate Planning and Personal Representation

    Legacy is important. It demonstrates what you valued during your lifetime—not only the wealth you accumulated but also what was important to you and what you wanted to pass on to future generations. Estate planning is more than just drafting legal documents and analyzing tax issues: it is ...

  • False Claims Act

    With increased incentives for whistleblowers and the possibility of obtaining treble damages, businesses, particularly pharmaceutical, medical device and other healthcare and life sciences companies, are increasingly finding themselves under investigation or in litigation for alleged violations of ...

  • Federal Government Affairs and Public Policy

    With national elections centering on partisan gridlock and discontent with the old ways of doing business in Washington, lobbying and policy advocacy are undergoing dramatic changes. In today's environment of hyperscrutinized decisions and actions, unprecedented partisan standoffs, and social ...

  • Film, Television and Digital Content

    Our film, TV and digital content practice provides both transactional and litigation services to studios, networks, telecommunications companies, production and distribution companies, banks, funds and other investors.



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