States Bypass Federal Regulations to Set Their Own CBD Rules

States Setting Their Own CBD Rules As Federal Action Lags
– Hemp Industry Daily

Manatt’s Anita Famili, leader of the firm’s real estate transactions and finance group and the firm’s cannabis industry task force, spoke with Hemp Industry Daily about states that have chosen to set their own rules regarding the sale of CBD products, bypassing federal health regulators.

Hemp Industry Daily reports that some states are starting to give CBD retailers permission to put cannabis extracts in food, drinks and dietary supplements.

When state and local governments create their own regulations for health and safety, product manufacturers and retailers must consider a wide range of laws before selling their products in multiple states. Famili told Hemp Industry Daily that these manufacturers and retailers will have to exercise caution when selling across state lines.

“People are hopeful and excited, and they want to think, ‘Great! We can do it now,’” said Famili. “But it’s really not a one-size-fits-all approach. There is no such thing as a 50-state rollout.”

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