Medicaid Work Requirements Spur ‘Able-Bodied’ Discussion

Who’s Able-Bodied Anyway?
– The New York Times

Manatt’s Cindy Mann, a partner with Manatt Health, was quoted by The New York Times in an article that examines the term “able-bodied” in relation to new Medicaid work requirements being implemented in certain states.

As the publication notes, the term has been recently used to describe individuals who would be required to work in order to be eligible for Medicaid coverage in states where Medicaid work requirements are being tested.

Mann told the publication that five years ago, the term “able-bodied” was rarely used in connection with Medicaid.

“It has no basis in the law or the program,” said Mann. “I think it’s a political term, and I think it’s used pejoratively, and I think it’s quite intentional when used.”

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