Lifetime Limits Could Alter Medicaid’s Purpose

Trump Officials Face Decisions on Lifetime Limits for Medicaid
– The Hill

Manatt’s Jocelyn Guyer, a managing director with Manatt Health, spoke with The Hill for an article that examines how much flexibility the Trump administration is willing to give states with regard to Medicaid programming.

The publication noted that a handful of states are working to impose work requirements on Medicaid recipients, and others are seeking to put a lifetime cap on how long individuals can be enrolled in Medicaid. This move is unprecedented, and critics say that lifetime limits would fundamentally shift Medicaid’s core purpose.

“This strikes me as lawsuit bait. I suspect this could be a bridge too far,” Guyer explained. “Work requirements are also a sweeping change, and this is a step beyond. This seems like it would be asking for more litigation and controversy and trouble.”

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