Kentucky Could See Medicaid Work Requirements in Near Future

Work Requirements Are Likely Coming to Kentucky’s Medicaid Program

Manatt’s Patricia Boozang, a senior managing director with Manatt Health, was interviewed by the WFPL for an article on Kentucky’s new Medicaid work requirement.

On Jan. 4, the federal government approved Kentucky’s request to begin using a work requirement as a condition to qualify for Medicaid benefits. The publication noted that this marks the first time in history that states will be allowed to require some recipients to be employed, volunteer or participate in job training in order to receive coverage.

However, there is a possibility that once approved, Kentucky’s work requirements will be met with court challenges. “One of the reasons for this detailed and elaborate explanation for the work requirements is perhaps CMS anticipating that there will be legal challenges and this will end up in the courts, whether it’s CMS directly or states that implement,” said Boozang. “And I think we can expect to see both.”

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