Five More States Seek to Add Medicaid Work Requirements

More GOP-Led States Join Bandwagon on Medicaid Work Requirements
– Inside Health Policy

Manatt’s Patricia Boozang, a senior managing director with Manatt Health, was interviewed by Inside Health Policy for an article on new states seeking federal permission to add work requirements to their Medicaid programs.

The publication noted that despite backlash from California and congressional Democrats, at least five states—including Alabama, Louisiana, Ohio, South Carolina and South Dakota—are crafting 1115 waiver applications. By applying, these five states are joining the ten others that have already sought CMS’ approval to add work requirements to their Medicaid programs.

“States are watching what other states are proposing and have been successful in getting approval on,” said Boozang. “Their legislatures, as much as state Medicaid agencies, are saying ‘We should be doing that too.’”



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