U.S. Solar Manufacturing Industry Hurting From Inexpensive Imports

The Trade Flap Roiling the Solar Industry — and Trump May Have the Final Word
– The San Diego Union-Tribune
The San Diego Union-Tribune interviewed Manatt’s Beth Fox, a partner in the firm’s energy practice, for an article on the impact that countries like China are having on the U.S. solar manufacturing industry.
As reported by The San Diego Union-Tribune, solar panel maker Suniva filed to reorganize under Chapter 11 bankruptcy, complaining that competitors in southeast Asia have driven prices so low the company could not make a profit. The company notes that a flood of inexpensive imports are hollowing out what’s left of solar’s manufacturing base in the U.S., and a global tariff should be imposed.

However, if prices for panels increase, it could deter homeowners from installing rooftop solar systems and make utility-scale projects less affordable.
“If (the price) gets higher, you can see utilities perhaps say, no, I’d rather go with conventional (energy sources) because natural gas is pretty low right now,” said Fox.

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