Disney Sets Strict Release Terms for New Star Wars Film

Disney Sets Demanding Terms for New Film Release
– CGTN America

Manatt’s Lindsay Conner, co-chair of the firm’s entertainment and media practice, was quoted by CGTN America on the Walt Disney Co.’s release terms for The Last Jedi.

The publication explained that in order to show the latest Star Wars installment, U.S. theaters are required to pay Disney an unprecedented flat ticket revenue rate of 65 percent. The film is also required to show in the venue’s largest auditorium for at least four weeks, and Disney will be allowed to take another 5 percent cut if any rule is violated.

“For the average film, if a studio says … I want a flat percentage all the way across, the exhibitor will say, forget it, find some screens somewhere else,” Conner explained. “Nobody is [going to] say that about Star Wars.”

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