Comparing Solar With Traditional Electricity

Before You Go Solar…Consider This
– interviewed Manatt’s Beth Fox, a partner in the firm’s energy practice, for an article about what to consider before switching to solar energy.

When asked what property owners should factor in to their decision before installing solar technology on their property, Fox replied:

“The first thing to consider is whether the solar arrangement offered is beneficial to you. Before entering into any solar contract, be sure you understand the rate that you are paying for electricity now and what you would pay under the contract with the solar company. If you own a commercial or industrial facility, you may not only pay energy charges but also a demand charge, which is a separate charge that is based on your peak demand for energy and it is measured in kilowatts rather than kilowatt hours. By using solar, if you have a peak during the day, you can dramatically reduce those charges. That could save you a lot of money. In any event, you really need to get familiar with the tariff that you are charged, understand your rate, and do a careful comparison of what you would pay under the solar agreement.”

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