CHIP’s 47-Day Funding Gap Is Longest in U.S. History

AHL Feature: CHIP Expired 47 Days Ago. How Did We Get Here, Again?
– American Health Line

Manatt’s Jocelyn Guyer, a managing director with Manatt Health, spoke with American Health Line about the current funding gap for the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP).

Funding for CHIP expired in late September, and the publication explained that lawmakers are not close to reaching a renewal deal. While funding gaps for CHIP are rare, a lapse of this length is unprecedented.
Guyer explained that even though House and Senate lawmakers remain divided on a final CHIP renewal bill this year, there’s strong agreement on the substance of the bill.
While President Bush played a key role in the CHIP funding lapse in 2007, Guyer told the publication that this time, “it doesn’t feel like it’s presidential politics, or anything coming from the administration,” given that President Trump has said relatively little about CHIP.



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