• 07.15.13

    11 Ways to Finance Commercial Real Estate Energy Retrofits

    According to the U.S. Department of Energy, commercial buildings account for 35 percent of U.S. (and 40 percent of global) electricity consumption. Most commercial real estate professionals accept that energy efficient buildings can, and do, impact the value of the underlying asset. Notwithstanding ...

  • 04.30.13

    Risk Allocations in Construction Contracts

    In the world of real estate development, one of the most significant and often undervalued agreements is the contract between the owner/developer and the general contractor.  Drafting and negotiating construction contracts for commercial and/or large scale construction projects is, in its ...

  • 02.27.13

    Structured Finance Negotiations, 'Bad Boy' Carve-Outs

    Hypothetical: Borrower secures a non-recourse loan to acquire a commercial office building and concurrently leases it to a cloud based internet start-up company. The loan is secured only by the real property but is subject to certain "bad boy" exceptions for borrower misconduct (including ...

  • 07.23.12

    10 Reasons Why Sustainable/Energy Retrofits of Commercial Buildings Will Be the Next Big Thing

    According to the US Department of Energy, commercial buildings account for 35 percent of US (and 40 percent of global) electricity consumption. Existing commercial buildings on average spend 30 percent of their operating budgets on operating costs and account for close to 20 percent of all global ...

  • 04.23.12

    The Real-World Application of Corporate Sustainability

    Ask ten different experts to define “corporate sustainability” and you are likely to receive ten different answers all based, to a large extent, on their own experiences. Part of the problem in defining such an amorphous term arises from its continuing evolution along with the ...

  • 06.02.11

    5-Step Guide to Financing Rooftop Solar

    Most businesses acknowledge the inherent benefits of using the sun to generate clean energy while, at the same time, saving on utility bills. However, there remains great uncertainty on how best to finance the initial capital required for the installation, operation and maintenance of integrated ...



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