• 08.21.20

    PTAB Issues Precedent

    Manatt intellectual property protection and enforcement partner Irah Donner wrote an article for Bloomberg Law on the Patent Trial and Appeal Board’s precedential decision in DTN, LLC v. Farms Technology, LLC, which clarified what must be disclosed alongside settlement agreements. ...

  • 08.19.20

    Pencil thin: Lanard Toys Ltd v Dolgencorp LLC

    Intellectual property protection and enforcement partner Irah Donner authored an article forIntellectual Property Magazine discussing the Federal Circuit’s decision in Lanard Toys Ltd. v. Dolgencorp LLC, which held that the scope of claimed design was limited by the prior art.

  • 08.04.20

    AWOL@Oral Arg.gone

    Benjamin Shatz authored an article for Daily Journal about how California and federal courts address the issue of missing appellate attorneys during oral arguments.

  • 08.01.20

    Municipal Bankruptcy in the Time of COVID-19

    Manatt bankruptcy partner Ivan Kallick, and government and regulatory partner Randall Keen, and associate Jacob Itzkowitz authored an article for Public Management Magazine discussing the impact of COVID-19 on Chapter 9 bankruptcies, and the options that the current crisis has created for ...

  • 07.31.20

    Building the Long-Term Care System of the Future: Will the COVID-19 Nursing Home Tragedies Lead to ...

    Manatt Health partner Cindy Mann and The SCAN Foundation’s Bruce Chernof authored an article for Health Affairs on the horrific toll the COVID-19 pandemic has had on nursing homes in the U.S., and especially on Medicaid beneficiaries and those who rely on long-term services and supports ...

  • 07.28.20

    B2B Companies Need to Realign in a B2C E-Commerce Economy

    Manatt Digital and Technology partner Eric Bergner and associate Bea Hinton authored an article for Bloomberg Law on why business-to-business (B2B) companies need to reassess their dependence on traditional business models and adopt business-to-consumer (B2C) strategies to survive and flourish in ...

  • 07.28.20

    Assignment of Inventions/Patents Must Be in Writing; No Specific Format/Content Required

    Manatt intellectual property protection and enforcement partner Irah Donner wrote an article for Law360 on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit’s recent decision in Schwendimann v. Arkwright Advanced Coating Inc., which held that a patent assignment must be documented in writing ...

  • 07.27.20

    Unlocking the Value of College Real Estate

    Manatt Real Estate partner Grace Winters and associate Elizabeth Levin authored an article for Inside Higher Ed on the significant financial challenges the COVID-19 pandemic has created for many higher education institutions, and how these institutions can consider monetizing the ...

  • 07.23.20

    COVID M&A: Pre-Closing Considerations for MAE Definitions and Interim Operating Covenants

    Manatt corporate and finance partner Jason Taketa and associate Veronica Lah authored an article for Daily Journal about the COVID-19 pandemic’s impact on M&A transactions as well as on interim operating covenants and MAE definitions as a result of related litigation. In the article, the ...

  • 07.22.20

    Is CBD on the Cusp of FDA Approval?

    Anita Sabine and e Alexa Singh authored an article for mg Magazine analyzing the current legal status of hemp-derived CBD and CBD-based products, including regulations surrounding the advertisement and branding of CBD products.



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