Investing In The Data Systems We Need To Create The Health System We Deserve

By: Kevin Casey McAvey
– Health Affairs

Manatt Health Director Kevin McAvey authored an article for Health Affairs, which explored what the national COVID-19 public health crisis revealed about our nation’s health care system and what perspective has been gained as we emerge from a year of retrenchment into a year of response and of investing in health. Among the insights gleaned, the article explained that health payers, plans and providers lack the complete, accurate and standardized race and ethnicity data needed to identify and address the multidimensional contributors to disparities. “We cannot fix what we cannot see, and our health care data has been blind to our racial and ethnic health inequities for too long,” McAvey wrote. “Addressing barriers to the acquisition of standardized race and ethnicity health care data is critical for ensuring all health care stakeholders have the information they need to contribute to resolving the deeply entrenched structural and programmatic barriers to better care and health for all Americans.”

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