Solar Plus Energy Storage: The Way of the Future

By: Beth A. Fox
– Commercial Property Executive

Over the last decade, both residential and commercial property owners have increasingly turned to solar power to provide clean, renewable energy. Owning a solar system yields tremendous savings on utility bills, even accounting for system and installation costs, a solar system more than pays for itself over its lifetime. The alternative arrangements (a solar lease, or a power purchase agreement/roof lease arrangement) also enable a property owner to obtain clean power at a substantial discount to utility costs.

Some forward-thinking property owners have now begun to install energy storage systems, usually battery storage systems, on their properties. One model is to allow a storage developer to lease space on the property and install an energy storage system on it. The system is dispatched to support the electric grid under a power purchase agreement between the energy storage developer and an electric utility, and the property owner benefits by obtaining rent for otherwise-vacant space. Another option is for the property owner to own the system and use the battery to reduce its energy costs by filling the battery when utility electricity rates are low (at “off peak” times, usually, at night) and discharging the battery when electricity rates are high (at “on peak” times, usually afternoon and early evening.)

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