Healthcare Sector Sees Increase in Cyber Attacks

What Healthcare Boards Need to Know About Hacking
– Health Data Management

Health Data Management interviewed Manatt's Robert Belfort, a partner in the firm's Healthcare practice, for an article on massive cybercrimes affecting healthcare organizations.

Health Data Management reports that hospitals and other holders of medical data have long been targeted by hackers. Hospitals and physician practices are a growing target because cyber criminals have discovered that health data is far more comprehensive than financial data and offers better opportunities for identity theft and fraud. The increase in the number of attacks is attracting the attention of hospital leaders. The hacking threats increasingly have senior leaders and board members of healthcare organizations grappling with more-and more serious-security issues, and asking tougher questions.

In the past, board compliance committees dealt with unsophisticated breaches, such as theft of unencrypted laptops and employee snooping-low-hanging fruit with easily addressed remediation, said Belfort.



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