AdAge Interviews Reilly on Upcoming FCC Robo-Call Ruling

FCC Telemarketing Rule Changes Could Mean More Advertiser Vigilance
– Advertising Age

Advertising Age interviewed Manatt's Christine Reilly, co-chair of the firm's TCPA Compliance and Class Action Defense practice, for an article on an upcoming ruling from the FCC that could make it more difficult for advertisers to comply with telemarketing regulations.

The FCC recently announced that consumers should be allowed to use robo-call-blocking technologies and that their phone-service providers would not face legal obstacles when enabling such blocking. The ruling would also make it easier for people to revoke consent for robo-calls and automated mobile text messages.

"One of the real challenges for advertisers is going to be how do you comply with that rule," said Reilly. "If it's an advertiser or company that has multiple ways of interacting with consumers…that particular part of the ruling is concerning."

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