• 12.28.17

    Asylum Law Meets Eminent Domain

    Where do immigration law and eminent domain law mix?

  • 12.22.17

    Five Key Elements of Successful Local Initiatives to Combat the Opioid Crisis

    President Trump’s declaration of a public health emergency to address the opioid epidemic brought renewed attention to a crisis that claimed more lives last year than annual deaths from car crashes and gun violence combined. All told, nearly 20 million adults nationally have a substance use ...

  • 12.21.17

    No Insurance Coverage for Employee’s Suit Because of Prior Letter

    When does insurance coverage attach to a claim made by an employee? 

  • 12.18.17

    Pharmacies and Healthcare Facilities Await EPA's Final Pharmaceuticals Rule

    As of the time of publication, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has just published its Fall Regulatory Agenda (December 14, 2017). The Regulatory Agenda establishes the agency’s rulemaking priority. In addition to foreshadowing President Trump and EPA Director Scott Pruitt’s ...

  • 12.06.17

    Local Responses to the Opioid Epidemic

    The opioid crisis represents a clear and present danger to the nation’s public health, with drug overdoses now claiming more lives than annual deaths from car crashes and gun violence combined. A staggering 20 million adults in the United States have a substance use disorder, ...

  • 12.05.17

    Solar Plus Energy Storage: The Way of the Future

    Over the last decade, both residential and commercial property owners have increasingly turned to solar power to provide clean, renewable energy. Owning a solar system yields tremendous savings on utility bills, even accounting for system and installation costs, a solar system more than pays for ...

  • 12.01.17

    The Overlooked Importance of Fresh Environmental Diligence

    The federal Comprehensive Environmental Response Compensation & Liability Act and its state analogues generally take a very expansive view of liability for environmental contamination and include owners and operators (e.g., lessees) as potentially liable parties without regard to whether such ...

  • 12.01.17

    The ABC’s of the TCPA

    The Telephone Consumer Protection Act of 1991 (TCPA), 42 U.S.C. § 227 et seq.—or “Total Cash for Plaintiffs’ Attorneys,” as it’s euphemistically called—is an increasingly hot topic in litigation. A federal consumer privacy statute that regulates the ...

  • 11.30.17

    Ripeness: The Ghost of Takings’ Past

    As it is that Dickensian time of year, it seems appropriate to once again review the ghostly presence of the ripeness doctrine in regulatory taking cases. 

  • 11.21.17

    The Tipping Point in Digital Health

    The digital health space is evolving from one of limitless opportunity but narrow scale to one of increasingly measurable impact.