Controversial Bel-Air Mansion Violates Zoning Codes

Inspectors Crack Down on Bel-Air Mansion for Additional Code Violations
– Los Angeles Times

The Los Angeles Times interviewed Manatt's Victor De la Cruz, a partner in the firm's Real Estate and Land Use practice, for an article on a controversial hilltop mansion in Bel-Air. Los Angeles building inspectors recently ordered the mansion's developer to demolish and remove all unapproved construction.

The Los Angeles Times reports that the mansion's concrete decks, retaining walls and other features were completed in violation of a stop-work order. In September, building officials revoked the project's permits, effectively shutting down construction, after a resident who lives below contended that grading and other activity had destabilized the slope.

"All the illegal work could never be permitted retroactively because it violates the zoning code," said De la Cruz, representing a neighbor who has challenged the project. "There does not appear to be a path forward for this home outside of complete demolition."

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